Gandhi Archery at The Palms Beach

Vision To be the prime center of archery practice in Kuwait for citizens and expats Mission To empower individuals with specialized life changing skills that archery gives them such as Aim, Focus, Concentration, Confidence, Proper posture, Social skills, and Patience.

Archery is the best form of exercise

Archery is a sport that can be practised by all, no matter age, gender or ability. While physically drawing a bow does expend energy, so does walking to the target end on end to collect arrows. During the London 2012 Olympic Games, The Economist compared the calorie usage of winning Olympic golds to 10 minutes of other activities like dancing,…

Winter camp for Champion Among Us

Chief Coach – Rashmi Gandhi was thrilled to be invited again to the Champion Among Us – Winter camp for the #archery session. #ChampionAmongUs The kids were really excited and also held a competition amongthemselves.

Archery for all ages

Today, 29th Dec 2017, we had surprise visitors. Grandmom and grandson from England dropped in today to an exciting archery session. They so glad and happy that they signed up for a month long session.

Group trainings available

Hi I am now available for archery training for groups. Kids and adults. For beginners as well as advanced training for competitions. Contact via WhatsApp on +965 66013056