Archery to start in Kuwait soon

I was called to the Kuwait Shooting Federation a few days back and they told me that they we have an archery camp in December. There will also be a advertisement in the newspapers about the same.

So all archery enthusiasts keep visiting this blog for news about archery in Kuwait.


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  1. Khaled says:

    Hello! I am interested in archery. What are the terms and conditions of joining… I mean, how long will it last? How much does it cost? You know, basic details.. If you could email me those details, I would appreciate that. Thanks

  2. mohammd says:

    hi all i was wating for archery lessons to start and the official recognition of it in kuwait i realy like to learn it

  3. kadsawy says:

    Hello again! It’s Khaled again.. I was just wondering what happened to the archery lessons?


  4. Ivan says:

    Hello there, I would like to receive news about the lessons, please let me know where I should turn to know more about this initiative.

  5. RACHID says:

    Felicitation pour cette archery.

  6. Wisam says:

    Hello Ms.Rashmi,

    I used to play archery in the past, at the hunting and equestrian club in Q8.

    I love this sport, me and my wife have our own equiptment, I am looking forward to this in Kuwait.

    Please inform/update me with registration dates.

    Thank you.

  7. RACHID says:

    Good morning,
    I am a bowman and saw in France five of experiences.
    If your institution or club at need a coach I shall be enraptured to accept it.

    Rachid Farahi

  8. Steven says:

    I was wondering if I could get on your mails list? I to have a love for the sport of archery. I’ll be IN Kuwait from about June 09 to June 2010 and I would love to help if possible. So any news in ref to archery in Kuwait, please send it to me. No I’m not looking for a job, just a place to teach in return a place to shoot.

    Thank you

  9. mohammd says:

    how about if we just gather in a place at a any date so that we can organize our self ?
    my e-maile:


  10. ahmed says:

    i’m archery coach in kuwiat i don’t know what about you talking so you can call me if you want play archery call 67735963 ahmed doghmosh

  11. Steven Coleman says:

    Good afternoon,

    I sent you a mesagae in March 09 in ref to the archery class. So I see there might be one in December. Could you please give me more infomation or tell me where I can get more information? I would like to attend. And being an US Army Soldier, I need to know as much as I can so I can get premission to attend.

    Thank you for your help, but mostly thank you for teaching archery to kids. I to teach archery in the states, I coach about 40 kids and adults, before coming to Kuwait. Any way I would like to help if possible.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    Steven Coleman

  12. Abeer says:

    Hi All,

    Now for the first time in Kuwait Anybody in Love with Archery Join our Jungle Archery Game in Discovery Centre – Alsour street we will be there til the end of March 2010

    more info contact us 97402785 or send inquiry to

  13. Abdulrahman says:

    Hello All
    Wher i can find treaining for Archery sport in Kuwait. i want something for my doughters they want to have training on this sport and i am lost here.
    any advice is highly appreciated


  14. ahmed says:

    hi if some one in kuwait want be archer must come to kuwait shooting club on 6 road “salibia” but only for kuwait nationality
    thanks all

  15. q8life says:

    Dear Ahmed,

    Why only Kuwait nationality. Aren’t the expats allowed?

  16. ahmed says:

    Because the Kuwait Shooting Club, is a Kuwait Shooting Federation, this means that those who practice shooting in the Kuwait Shooting Club, representing the national teams of Kuwait
    best regards

  17. q8life says:

    Dear Ahmed,

    So what the avenues for the expats to learn and practice? As you can see from the above comments and many others that we have received, there are many expats who are interested in archery, not only for themselves but also for their children. Also we have some students from Kuwait University who are interested.
    Some of the expats are trained archer, but want a ground to practice. They also have problems in getting their equipments inside, considering the security angle.

  18. ahmed says:

    i don’t know but here in kuwait it was start last year In the future will have many clubs and clubs that may receive the professional or rather non-Kuwaiti nationality such as football, but does not join the national team of Kuwait

  19. Abeer says:

    Hi All,

    Good news to everybody We R back in Action Jungle Archery Game, Now in Discovery Centre & Souq Sharg enjoy it….

    The indoor archery game offers unlimited entertainment for all ages!!

    We provide courses by our qualified, highly experienced archery instructors!

    Don’t Miss it Guys…

    By Diva Glam Group & A3 Team..

  20. Eman says:

    hi all ,
    i am interested in taking archery lessons , how n where ? n who are the instructors ?
    i am kuwaiti btw
    thank you

  21. q8life says:

    Hi Eman,

    Good to know that you are interested in archery.

    Good news that archery for Kuwaitis has started but not for expats.

    You can contact the new Kuwait Shooting Club on 6th ring road (after Agility) in the evening where they conduct classes.

    Rashmi Gandhi

  22. Eman says:

    hey rashmi !
    thanks for replying , do u happen to have their number ?

  23. q8life says:

    Talk to him 67735963 ahmed doghmosh

  24. Eman says:

    ok thanks šŸ™‚

  25. Eman says:

    hi again rashmi i tried calling and texting the number you gave me but no answer

  26. q8life says:

    Archery classes start in Kuwait. U can also call 1840040 Kuwait Shooting Federation.

  27. ahmed says:

    thanks rashmi sorry eman for not answer but you can call me agian or send me mail
    waiting for you plz

  28. Nadir Khan says:

    Dear Rashmi

    Hope this reaches you well.

    Could you please email me your contact details as i would like to discuss the possibility of attending/ arranging some students for you.

    All the best and i look forward to hearing from you.


  29. ahmed says:

    mr nadir
    hope u well
    if that students are kuwaiti please conatct me at to let them enjoy national archery team

  30. q8life says:

    Dear Ahmed,

    Is there any place where non-Kuwaitis can practice archery?

    Can they bring in their own equipments? Will there be any problem at the airport?


  31. ahmed says:

    until now there is only one place kuwait shooting club but it’s only for kuwaitis but i have plan in future to have other place and it will be for all nationalty
    about airport be sure sometimes police will sto u at airport like it was with me

  32. hi.. rashmi didi hows ur coaching

  33. hi.. rashmi didi hows coaching

  34. husain says:

    hii i was a archery player in india pachgani …i ccould like to join …


  35. Hafsah Tungekar says:

    Hi, i am an indian.I am interested in archery lessons.I would like to know when they would start and how much would it cost for how long. Please send me the details to my e-mail address or SMS me on 99588016,

  36. Haidar Kahil says:

    Hi I’m Haidar and I’m interested in archery, please send me an email along with the full details about this
    Club on

  37. Rajesh_Gandhi says:

    Archery is about to start in Kuwait. Register here ā€“

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